Some New Vintage Art and Some Random Disorganised Thoughts :)

Hello lovelies

Keeping up with kids, home, work and this blogging caper is tough. Well for this chick it is. I really admire so many women who blog daily… or even regularly, you guys are amazing and inspire me to do better.  I’m yet to balance it all and find blogging is the thing that gets bumped off the ‘To Do/Wish List’ {sometimes it’s sorting the washing or ironing… actually it’s always the ironing!}.

I’ve been finishing lots of projects and fun stuff, but haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. I write the posts in my head, often in the middle of the night!  They just haven’t materialised into posts as yet…. surely someone is close the inventing an App for that?  It’s not only writing posts, it’s keeping up to date with all my fave blogs too…  I’m so far behind in my reading!

Anyhow I’m working on getting more organised, I think that’s the key. I know it is. In a previous life (before kids) I was organised, mostly on time and not a crazed lunatic every morning trying to get out of the house!  My other “issue” is procrastination. Add that to disorganisation and it’s amazing that I make it out of the bathroom in the morning, let alone the house πŸ˜‰

That said, I’m not beating myself up about it, I love writing this little blog and connecting with so many truly gorgeous people.  My blog is a new born, she and I (always wanted a girl), will take one day at a time, or one post at a time. Baby steps πŸ™‚

Well that turned into a different post entirely!  {Is that normal?}  I had set out to just share a recent Vintage Art find!  So moving right along, here she is….  

I found her at Vinnies, I had to pop on my potential glasses to get past her most-unattractive-gold-framers-special frame! 

After a moment of focusing I was taken by her beautiful colours and she was coming home with me.

After a few coats of white paint, I think she scrubbed up not too shabby!  Amazing what a lick of paint will do… a fresh new look just in time for Spring πŸ™‚


How do you balance work, love and blogging?  ~  Any tips for this newbie would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by… have a great week lovelies πŸ™‚

Jo xx

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock…. What’s the time on the DIY Coastal Clock?


So I got a new toy a little while ago and I seriously do not know how I ever survived without it!  I’m talking about my new hot glue gun.  Nothing high tech, nor expensive about it.  It’s just plain awesome.  I’ve used it for numerous little projects and repairs since it got it.

I thought I’d share my super easy DIY Coastal Clock makeover! 

I started with a basic clock, I picked up from Kmart ($10). I was happy to experiment for a tenner, if it all went horribly wrong there would be no tears shed.

I’m sure that little Swedish boutique (aka Ikea) would have several likely candidates on offer. 

If you wanna give it a go, it’s seriously easy, here’s what you’ll need;

  • Some jute rope {Believe it or not this sucker took approx 8 metres of rope!!}
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Lots of hot glue refill sticks!
  • Approx 30-40 minutes
  • A steady hand
  • Some baby wipes on hand to wipe up the inevitable glue mess as you go πŸ˜‰

Step 1:
Use hot glue gun to affix rope to outside of clock.  The hot glue sets really quickly, just hold in place for a few seconds and continue slowly.

Steps 2-6:
Repeat step 1 until clock rim is fully covered πŸ˜‰

Easy peasy…  one DIY Coastal Clock! 
This one’s headed for the boys playroom πŸ™‚

What’s the time on the Coastal Clock?  Why I do believe it’s time for tea πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by…

Jo xx


There’s a bear in there and 46 chairs as well! ~ The hunt for new dining chairs :)

Hello Lovely Coastal Peeps!

My Hubby for a long time has suggested that we have too many chairs.  If it were up to him we would have; a dining chair each, a lounge and a couple of desk chairs.  He’s a lean chair man.  Me not so much, I heart chairs and seem to collect them.  However, in my defence… it’s nice to have seating options right?

I thought I’d perform a chair audit so I set off around the house with a notepad and pen. The result kind of shocked even me; 31 chairs, 4 stools, 3 lounges, 5 ottomans and 3 benches.  I stopped at the inside seating.  We clocked up a total of 46!!  There’s four people, a cat, a hermit crab and an axolotl living here.  Taking into account the latter two family members don’t technically sit, that works out to be 9.2 chairs per bottom!! (includes the cat, I had to bring the average down somehow).  So it’s official… I may have a problem.  That said, some of the chairs are awaiting makeovers and will be off to Market, so technically they shouldn’t count πŸ˜‰

Given all of this I was shocked, gob smacked even, when the Hubstar suggested we go chair shopping.  Yes he did.  For a while we have been talking about replacing our dining chairs. They were fine with our old dining table, but since we bought a new larger table the chairs don’t work. 

Of course I had to play it cool, I was all like; “mmmm yeah… ok if you’d like to” (whilst internally I was all whoo hooing and fist pumping;).   So Hubby had a day off, the kids were deposited at school and we set off on the hunt for the perfect chairs!  Happy days.  I could shop for home stuff until the cows come home, often without food or even a toilet break.  My stamina for home shopping is amazing I tell you.

We schlepped around Sydney, from show room to show room.  Here’s just a few pics I took along the way…  apologies for the poor quality.


I loved the fun fresh blue on these Eames Eiffel Chairs… but they weren’t right for our table.

Practical Tolix Chairs, in an array of colours.
I love these linen upholstered beauties with nail head trim, but I have to be realistic; red wine, messy little boy eaters… nuff said

Really liked these Crossed backed chairs…  and they would work with our table but I wanted something a little brighter….

 Not this bright…  I do like the blue but think I’d have liked it if the pink were white… 

 Lovely rustic bench.  I love benches. Hubby not so keen. Onward ever onward.

There were more than a few distractions; bright shiny objects and various lovelies calling me including these Mamma and Pappa Bear chairs πŸ™‚

This glossy aqua trestle table was so lovely… and the Mother of Pearl inlay pieces were just divine!

We came home empty handed, however, I think it was a successful trip. The sun was shining, we had a nice lunch and although we didn’t get any chairs, we ruled out several options!

Fast forward to last weekend, and a Freedom email in my inbox alerting me to 15% off everything!! Thank you very much.  To cut a long story short… we have ordered 6 new dining chairs. Looking forward to them arriving… watch this space πŸ™‚

How many is too many chairs?  Do you love chairs?
Finishing up a couple of fun projects, I hope to share soon lovelies!
Jo xx

Oh the Places he’s been… Vintage Shipping Trunk come to Mumma ;)

Hello there!

Look what I found!  One of those pieces that as soon as I spied it in the store, I knew, no ifs or buts; this baby was coming home with moi!


Wanna hear something a little quirky or as my kids would say a little random… when I see a piece Vintage luggage goodness…  Dr Seuss’s “Oh the Places you’ll Go” always springs to mind…. Yep. I know weird right?! 

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!”  

β€œYou’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
~ exert from Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

He’s found a home for now in our lounge room, but I think he’d also work well in our more casual family room.  So there may be more travels in store for this handsome devil!

Do you have a thing for Vintage Luggage too? 

Sweet Vintage dreams my friends,

Jo xx
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Wicked love… A Side Table Makeover ;)


A quick little makeover to share with you today.  I love the casual and coastal look of wicker, cane and bamboo pieces.  I bought this round wicker table a little while back and decided to give her a fresh new look.

Here it is before, a little worn and weary and a tad too orange for my liking…


After sanding, cleaning and a new glossy spray job, I’m loving her new look. 

She’s so pretty now that I bought her some flowers and some chocolates which may or may not have made it to her πŸ˜‰


My Union Jack ottoman can be found here… Union Jack Ottoman

Are you partial to some wicker love?

Have a great weekend!

Jo xx
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Happy Vintage Days; new treasures and some whimsical art ;)

Hello Coastal lovelies!

Well Sydney has been putting on some stunning Winter sunshine of late, it inspired me to get my vintage on yesterday.  The floors needed a mopping, clothes needed a folding but the pull of some vintage treasure hunting won out!

Here’s what I found….

Some crocheted lovelies, always love some nana crochet.  Especially in fun colours.  I think yellow was the theme of the day, I don’t normally go for yellow… but may be Olympic gold fever was rubbing off on me.

A perfect and I mean just out of the box cake platter, Donna Hay no less, not that I needed another cake pedestal, but how could I pass it up?

A small Le Creuset baking dish in colour de jour… yellow!

A book, Italian Joy…  have you read this?  It looks to me a similar genre to Eat Pray Love.  Here it is below with dust jacket on…

This guy didn’t come home with me but I love how bright and sunny it is. Hello Yellow πŸ˜€

And what may be my fav find today.  A cool vintage silk screen.

I think it’s art. It may not be everyone’s cuppa tea, (I can imagine what hubby will say when he spies it, mind you this could take a while. Sorry honey πŸ˜‰   but for me art is;  something that is pleasing to the beholder (check), something original (check) and something that makes me happy (check).

This guy first reeled me in with its colour… turquoise and green perfection, say no more.  I love the simple rustic frame and the whimsical randomness of the print.  It cost me $4.

I picked up the silver gravy boat recently too, I have a little collection of them.  I popped some shells into this one…  willing on Summer!

So that was my Vintage day.

Have you found any treasures lately?  What’s your definition of art?

Happy Vintage Days πŸ™‚

Jo xx

PS..  You can see some more Vintage treasures here Fab finds!
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