Vintage Roll Top Desk Gets a Coastal Home Love Makeover!


Is it really the end of March already?  How did that happen?
Lots of exciting things coming up this year, more on that later.  For now I thought I’d check back in and share a recent makeover…..

As soon as I saw this desk I knew it had so much potential,  it had unfortunately been chewed pretty thoroughly by a cheeky Labrador and it’s owner (the desk not the Lab), asked if I could help save it.  Um yep!!  Here’s a before pic, note the chewed features on all of the handles, legs and corners!

I loved transforming this old piece which was destined for the scrap heap before it was rescued by my client from a garage sale for the princely sum of $40!  A girl after my own vintage loving heart obviously saw the potential too!  …..And after much sanding, repairs, paint and love….  the afters!

My client couldn’t decided which knobs to use so we ended up deciding on an eclectic mix which I think really suits and adds even more character to this piece.  I have lots of gorgeous knobs available my website soon.
I really love all the storage in this old piece and kinda wished I could of kept this one…  of well hopefully I’ll stumble across one sometime!
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂
Jo xx

A Crafty Little Solution for those Dreaded Remote Controls…. A Coffee Table Caddy!

Good Morning!

A quick little post of something I whipped up the other day.  No before pics, I was literally watching tellie and looking at the remotes scattered on the coffee table. Ughh.  Next thing I know I was painting up this caddy to combat the coffee table chaos.  Being the only female in the house, the boys just don’t understand my dislike of remote controls. Ugly things. And soooo many of them!

Anyway here’s my crafty little solution… a sweet coffee table caddy!  Easy to move out of the way for Friday night pizza 😉  Holds said ugly remotes which are hopefully disguised somewhat by pretties yet easily accessible.

Finished in Annie Sloan Duck Egg and Old White {LoVe}.

What do you think about a Coffee Table Caddy?  Where do you stow your remotes?

That’s a Hat Trick from me.. 3 blog posts in one week. Crazy!   I’d love for you to join me here and follow along my little blog 🙂

Have a happy weekend lovelies,

Jo xx

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Power Styling and a Coastal Sideboard Makeover!

Good Evening Lovelies,

Sharing this piece I just finished for a lovely client.  I made over her TV cabinet last year, so when she emailed me about doing her sideboard to match I was very happy 🙂

Here’s a before pic, orangey finish, but a well made quality piece.

I gave the piece a sand and good clean.  Then two coats of Zinsser and two coats of Dulux Lime Wash paint in white.  It’s a thin yet chalky style paint, which sands beautifully but coverage is not fantastic hence four coats to achieve the look I was after…
I worked on this piece in the garage, aka my studio 😉  Due to its size and weight I decided against hauling it up to the house to take photos. 
I had limited time too, so a quick garage ‘power styling’ session was called for…

{*Power Styling… kind of like power walking or power shopping; only imagine a paint covered woman running around the house grabbing random objects and throwing it quickly together for the purpose of snapping some photos!}

Hubby and the kids didn’t even bat an eyelid on seeing this set up in the garage…  I think they’ve become accustomed to my crazy antics 😉

I refinished the original drawer hardware and added some new crystal cut glass knobs to the cupboard doors for a touch of bling!

Who would of thought garage styling would be so much fun!   I wonder how many calories are burned Power Styling?  Have you had to style on the hop?

The sideboard was picked up this afternoon and my client loves it, which makes me very happy!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Jo xx
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My Coastal Beachy Piano Bench was Featured!!

Hello lovelies!

Not long to go now until Spring!!  We can almost reach out and touch it and as far as I’m concerned it can’t come quick enough!

It’s been a busy week around this Coastal Home; some painting, some Vintage shopping (more on that soon) and always exciting… a couple of pieces of my furniture flew the coup to new homes!  However I’m not feeling the Empty Nest Syndrome as I picked up a couple of new projects to keep me busy 😉

Speaking of exciting…  last week my little Coastal bench was featured over at Elizabeth & Co.  How cool is that?  I love Sharon’s blog and she features some great projects.  I was so chuffed to be included!

Here it is; before and after.. (you can see the full post here 🙂

Thanks so much Sharon! 

Have a great weekend lovelies 🙂

Jo xx

Oh Yay.. My Vintage Coffee Table was Featured!!

Hi Coastal Lovelies!

We are in the throes of school holidays here in Sydney and with interstate visitors we’ve been busy day tripping and playing!

I was so excited to read a comment this morning from Stacey at Embracing Change to say she had featured my Vintage Coffee Table!!

This is my first feature so I’m over the moon!!  I feel honoured to be chosen amongst so many fab projects…  click on the link to visit and check it out; Embracing Change ~ Inspirations linky party no.21

So I have my very first button, it took me an hour or so to figure out how to add it to my blog… he he I’m learning 🙂  Here it is, so pretty… I particularly love the slogan!  Thanks so much Stacey! xx

We’re off to the movies this afternoon, the kids have decided we need the largest popcorn barrel available!

Happy days 🙂

Jo xx

Furniture Ramblings on a Chilly Autumn day….


We’ve had a true Autumn weekend in Sydney, sunshine with a chill in the air!  We schlepped down to our local appliance shop where Hubby bought a gas heater.   It’s not very attractive, but I guess function sometimes wins out, and with electricity prices soaring it’s possibly a good idea. Personally I’d rather a crochet granny blankie on the lounge, but he wasn’t too keen on that idea… can’t imagine why!

We also stopped in at our second home, Bunnings where I bought some new paint in some delish colours which I can’t wait to use! 

I managed to finish up a couple of small projects including a pair of nesting tables.

I just love nesting tables, they are like the penguins of the furniture world, they mate for life!   There’s something about their sweet coupling that gets me every time.   Anyway before you think I’m completely loopy, here’s a few pics of the lovely couple…..

Before their makeover, not so much a glamour couple…

Here’s the happy couple after after their makeovers,  enjoying a cup of tea and some quiet time.

They received a good sanding down, priming and two coats of a soft French Grey. 

I finished with some light destressing and a coat of bees wax… I seriously think this is like the botox for furniture, gives it such a lift!

Wishing you all a brand new Shiny week!

Jo xx