Hello New Blog… Nesting & settling into my new virtual home!

Hello lovelies and welcome to my new bloggy home!

I’ve made the leap from blogger to word press and I’m in nesting mode 😉  Playing around and getting used to this new platform.  I’ve been working with the gorgeous Llew from thebuzzwriter.com  Llew has been ever so patient with this not so techy girl.  Thanks so much Llew you sweetheart x

I’m inspired to get back into some regular blogging and I have lots of exciting projects to share!

So essentially this is a test post, I’ll add a couple of pretty pics and hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll have a new post!  During my blogging absence I’ve been hanging out over at Instagram, quite addictive…  here’s a snapshot of my recent styling and daily shenanigans…


Coastal Home Love on Instagram


October Instagram


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Please join me in my ongoing adventures by subscribing to my new blog.  I hope to inspire and share plenty of tips, diy projects, styling and of course painted furniture!


Jo xx

Back with a Tiffany Box Blue Mirror Makeover!

Hello luvlies,

Wondering if any of you are still with me?  Boy have I been a slack blogger!  At first I told myself I’d wait until the kiddies went back to school… well ahem… that was a month ago now.  Time just slips by.  Whilst I have been neglecting my blog… I do have to fess up about something.  I kind of feel like I’ve been having a sultry affair…. ;o  …that is cheating on my blog.  The object of my recent affection and attention is Instagram.  It’s so quick and easy to check in and post pics… I love how I can keep up to date with people and chat too.  I’ve made many lovely cyber friends… do pop over and say hi!  I’m @coastalhomelove 🙂

So whilst I love hanging out on Instagram… there’s no place like home, and this little blog feels like my virtual home.  So I’m back to remove the drop cloths and dust off the cobwebs.   I thought I’d start by sharing a recent makeover.  I do love a good before and after story, especially one with a happy aqua ending 😉

So here’s a before pic of a large mirror I purchased recently…  the usual fake tan orange pine, but with a gorgeous shape;

And after….  in her glorious Tiffany Box Blue colour.  I used a colour called Pacific Lagoon and added white until I got the perfect shade of aqua 🙂

So after having most of the Summer off from blogging…  I’m back, on this wildly Wintery first day of Autumn… I even got to wear boots today!  Here’s to the change of season!

Do you love Instagram too?  Do you look forward to the change of Seasons?


Jo xx
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Instagram, School holidays and tuning out for a bit


It’s school holidays in Sydney so I’m tuning out of online things for a wee bit to spend the break with my Hubby and boys.

I have a few projects (approx 133) on the go, but they’ll have to wait for a little while longer…. here’s a sneak peek…


I’ll probably pop in via Instagram (#iheartinstagram!) to share a few pics and see what you’re all up to!  If you’re on Instagram come and say hi so I can follow you 🙂

Here’s a few of my recent Instagram pics… @coastalhomelove

Enjoy the blue sky and take care lovelies 🙂

Jo xx