To Market to Market!

Hello Lovelies 🙂

Well my second market outing is done and dusted.  Last Friday night I attended some Night Markets at a local school.  It was hot, crowded and so much fun!  The atmosphere was very Christmassy and we were entertained all night by gorgeous singing kiddies.

Here’s a few pics I snapped.  My apologies for the quality of the pics…  I used my iPhone, which is my usual choice of high tech photographic equipment… but I was pressed for time whilst setting up and it was so hot! 

I reckon I lost about 3 kgs with all the lifting, carrying, jumping up and down off chairs to hang my curtains etc.  However, I promptly undid this effort by enjoying a lovely croissant breekie with the Cricket Mums on Saturday morning 😉

I made the Christmas bunting and I was so happy to receive a couple of orders for bunting on the night.  I have another post coming up on the bunting 🙂 
I sold these sweet little nesting tables to a lovely lady.  Their transormation is not quite complete…  I’ll post their full story when they are finished!
I also sold a few of my handmade rustic signs
All in all it was a great night!  Looking forward to booking in for the next one 🙂 
Where are your fave Markets?
Jo xx