A Pretty Mirror, Lilies and a sheepish return from renovation exile! ;)


Is anybody still here?  It’s been a little while, we have been renovating and for most bloggers this would be gold…  lots of progress photos, planning and reveals.  For me though it was all I could do to keep my head above water and keep on swimming through each day! 

I fully plan to share with you the reno details and a bunch of photos, but today, inspired by these beautiful Lilies I thought I’d dip my toe back into blogging with a mirror makeover…

I was drawn to the lovely curvy shape, the carved details at the top and the gorgeous bevelled mirror which follows the frame shape.  I didn’t even remember to snap a before pic (I’m really out of touch with it I know!).


Mirror is available for sale, pop me an email if you are interested! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s lovely to be back! 🙂

Jo xox


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Aqualicious Hall Table and Mirror Makeover!

Hello lovely friends

I realised this is my 50th blog post, a milestone for my little blog!  Thank you so much for following along and for all your lovely comments, they warm my heart!  I feel so lucky to have had a few projects featured, including three in the last couple of weeks…  this is crazy exciting for my teeny blog.  You can check out my featured projects here :).

Now onto a Before and After Quickie!

I’m always on a mission to ban fake tan furniture… so when I came across this guy I knew I had to help him!  I fell in love with the shape and details of this piece..  and I knew he was destined for Aqua greatness!


The chair is part of a set of four which I refinished earlier this year.

Here’s the before…  well made, nice shape, bad fake tan finish 😉

I also refinished this lovely mirror in the same aqualicious colour.  I find it tricky to photograph mirrors, I usually end up with a foot or an arm in shot…  not this time but I do have the ‘leaning tower’ of cushies in the background 😉

Thanks for stopping by lovelies,

Jo xx

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Hello Annie! I get a tad excited about painted furniture :) Coastal Home Love meets Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Hello Gorgeous Coasties!

I get excited about holidays, Christmas, my boy’s soccer games, shopping and lots of other wonderful things.  But don’t get me started on painted furniture… let’s just say the word obsession may or may not be an appropriate term to describe my relationship with it!  Love. 

So you can imagine my delight and happy dance worthy sheer joy over receiving some gorgeous new paint to test!  Now not just any ordinary run of the mill paint, but Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!  Excited much, pick me up off the floor… hardly covers it 😉

I had many projects lined up in my studio aka garage awaiting a makeover but I decided to dive in feet first and tackle quiet a large piece.  Allow me to introduce Big Bessy…..

Bessy came to live with us almost two years ago, she serves as a sideboard in our dining area and deserved a special make over.  In comes Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg.  Delicious.

I decided to prime her all over, even though I know this step was not necessary, but I wanted some of the white to peek through after distressing.  I applied two coats of Duck Egg, the first coat went on like a dream.  I followed up with a second coat to ensure beautiful coverage.  I painted the back boards white to add some more definition and contrast to her.

After a little distressing I finished her off with the crème de la crème of waxes!  Annie’s Soft Wax is amazing…  I could eat it on toast for brekkie with a nice English Breakfast tea and be in heaven!  {don’t try this at home ;)}.

And without further ado, I think I’ll have to call her Beautiful Bessy now….




I’m so happy with how she turned out and I’m more than a bit in love with Annie’s paint.  So happy we can get it in Australia finally! :))  Find more information on Annie Sloan products here.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Jo xx

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Decking the Coastal Christmas Halls…. Tra la la la la

Hello lovelies!

Tis the season to be Merry and Bright… and deck the halls with shiny gorgeousness!  I love Christmas decorations a lot. Sparkly, glittery goodness. 

I look forward to decorating every year…  and can’t wait for the 1st of December to come around to get my Christmas on! 

That said with so much going on with work, kids sports and events… Christmas decorating and planning for that matter, is a slow process in this coastal home 😉

I’m feeling quite disorganised, with only a few presents shopped for, none wrapped and no plan for a Christmas menu!  Best be giving myself a shift kick in the Christmas behind me thinks 😉

We have the tree up and decorated, I just love seeing it twinkling in the back ground as we watch tellie at night!

I’ve had fun making some Christmas bunting to hang about the place…  here’s a little Joy work in progress!   I also made Noel for my mantel and some Merry Christmas ones which I sold at Market.

Still on my Christmas To Do list is a skirt for our tree… she’s a modest old girl and think a lovely ruffly number would suit her to a tee! 

Finally, I added some fairy lights and the Noel bunting to complete our Coastal Christmasy mantel..  which is not so much a mantel as an Ikea floating shelf above our TV…  but it’s as close as I get to having a mantel so it gets treated as such 🙂

This weekend hubby will channel Clark W Griswold… and hang the outside lighting!  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…  I think we watch it every year…  and still laugh out loud ;O

What’s on your menu for Christmas lunch?  Desperately seeking inspiration!

Hope you’re enjoying this crazy beautiful time…

Jo xx

She loves seashells here there and everywhere :)

Hello Friday!

Oh how I love Fridays. I also love shells, so I thought I’d combine them in this little post.

The kids went back to school this week, so I’ve been busy playing catch up around here.  I started two new projects, more on them soon.  In the meantime my recent shell find….

During the school holidays we had a day trip to Windsor. We enjoyed a sunny pub garden lunch and a stroll around the shops.  It was during this stroll that I stumbled across a little vintage shop. In this little vintage shop was a box of shells, just sitting there looking all forlorn. 

They were silently screaming at me to take them home.  So after some convincing hubby that we needed a big box of shells, they were packed into the car for the journey home.

They sat in their box for the last two weeks or so, and today with the sun streaming in, I had a little play 🙂

I love decorating with shells, they make me happy. 
What do you love to decorate with?  Have you found any treasures lately?
Wishing you a happy weekend 🙂
Jo xx

Outing my Urges… furniture urges and a coffee table makeover!

Happy Monday Lovelies…

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Yep it’s true I have urges of the furniture/reno kind, sometimes they are very strong and impulsive…  they compel me to start ripping up lino in our old kitchen, 8 months pregnant on a Sunday evening whilst hubby went out to get milk! 

And other times they grow, I’ll see something and it’ll quietly ‘bug’ me for ages until I give in to the urge!  The coffee table in our family room was just this kind of urge, a grower…. 


Before ~ He didn’t stand a chance 😉

It was one of the first pieces of furniture I purchased myself when I moved out of home, long before kids and before I was married.  I brought it home in the back of my teeny Ford Festiva Trio and it’s lived in 4 houses with us, in two States…  one might say he’s well travelled.  

It’s old now, it’s a tank and boy if he could talk! 

Before Close Up

I guess I’ve kept it around this long in part for sentimental reasons but also it’s very practical for the family room.  This coffee table is super solid and practical; we play games on it, eat off it, craft on it…  I’m not in the least bit precious about it.  I was almost ready to farewell him in favour of a new one, but it’s the perfect size and I haven’t seen one I love enough to replace him.  

So back to my urges, whilst I sat having brekkie on Saturday morning I couldn’t stop looking around our family room….

We have two chocolate brown leather sofas (they are super comfy and again take a beating, but wouldn’t be my first choice…  sometimes you need to let the Mr have a say in things;).  Anyway with the sofas, a dark stained TV console, and coffee table it was a sea of brown… Way.Too.Much.Brown!  Something had to give, I see this as natural progression, my hubby thinks I’m nuts and the kids think I’ll paint anything that doesn’t move!  

So as I downed my cup of tea I decided that the coffee table had finally made its way to the top of my ‘paint hit list’; he didn’t stand a chance….

I dragged the big sucker outside started sanding. 

He previously had a very dark reddy/brown stain.  I primed and painted the base first.

This only made the top stand out more and look well, just wrong.  So I sanded and sanded the top to remove the stain. 

My plan was to sand it back and give it a coat of clear sealer, but I still wasn’t feelin it… 

So I decided to try tone it down by giving the top a wash of light grey, I was aiming for driftwood….   I heart driftwood. 

New crystal cut glass knob completes him

I also changed his hardware, I mean what’s a makeover without some new bling!

He was originally sporting an iron ring pull… but it just didn’t go with his new look.  So I added a crystal cut glass knob ‘to complete him’…

I think he turned out just fine and is ‘kickin it’ back in front of the tellie…

He might just stay with us for a little bit longer… that is until another urge strikes 😉

Jo xx
Do you have urges of the furniture kind?  Love to hear about ’em!