Mini Wardrobe Makeover with White Knight Paint!

Do you ever start one job only to be distracted by another?  Well that kind of happens to me quite frequently 😉  Case in point, I decided to go through my wardrobe to cull a few pieces.  I try to do this semi regularly as things just seem to make their way in.

As I started hurling shoes and clothes into piles I was distracted by my tangled and messy piles of jewellery and accessories.  Rather than just tidying them up like a normal person, I decided I NEEDED to paint the back of my wardrobe and create a hanging display for jewellery.

Lucky for me I had a tin of delicious black paint on hand just waiting to be cracked open.  I had just received a beautiful gift basket of paint goodies from White Knight Paints as part of their #whiteknightrevive campaign.

So without further ado and despite it being almost school pick up time, I proceeded in a frenzied pace to remove everything including the shelves.  I gave it a quick wipe down and within minutes I had started painting!

This range of painIMG_6356_Editedt is called Splashes, it’s a water based enamel for interior or exterior application.  It goes on so smooth and beautifully!

There’s something about black paint I just love! It’s so striking and it makes the best back drop for things…. especially pretty shiny and sparkly things 😉

I wish I’d taken a ‘before’ photo of the mess and chaos, but it was really a spontaneous decision.  So you’ll just have to imagine cluttered shelves with a jumbled mess of stuff!

The jewellery hanger I found at The Reject Shop, I think it was $3.  I simply removed the hook and attached the black part to the wall using a couple of picture hooks. The jewellery tree was a gift from my Mum, I think it works nicely against the black.IMG_6700_Edited

I left out the bottom shelves to create a dressing table like spot, it really helped to open up the space and created the perfect spot for display.









This mini makeover was so quick and easy!  Black paint, a paint brush and a woman on a mission!  I love this paint so much that I may or may not of started painting something else whilst I had a wet brush in hand, stay tuned for part two! 😉

Do you love black paint too?  Where can you splash some around at your place?

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Jo xx

*Please note I was not paid for this post, I was however gifted a selection of White Knight products for my use and review. Thank you to White Knight Paints.

A Crafty Little Solution for those Dreaded Remote Controls…. A Coffee Table Caddy!

Good Morning!

A quick little post of something I whipped up the other day.  No before pics, I was literally watching tellie and looking at the remotes scattered on the coffee table. Ughh.  Next thing I know I was painting up this caddy to combat the coffee table chaos.  Being the only female in the house, the boys just don’t understand my dislike of remote controls. Ugly things. And soooo many of them!

Anyway here’s my crafty little solution… a sweet coffee table caddy!  Easy to move out of the way for Friday night pizza 😉  Holds said ugly remotes which are hopefully disguised somewhat by pretties yet easily accessible.

Finished in Annie Sloan Duck Egg and Old White {LoVe}.

What do you think about a Coffee Table Caddy?  Where do you stow your remotes?

That’s a Hat Trick from me.. 3 blog posts in one week. Crazy!   I’d love for you to join me here and follow along my little blog 🙂

Have a happy weekend lovelies,

Jo xx

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White Wicker Dreaming with a French Coastal Twist ;)

Hi Gorgeous Coasties!

It was a real scorcher here in Sydney today… first taste of Summer and about time too!

Sharing a quick little make over I finished recently.  I heart wicker…  I’ve blogged about my love before here and here.

So when I came across this little gem I couldn’t walk past it…  $10 orange wicker special!

Before:  The colour almost looks nice in this shot.. but it was your basic fake tanny orange wicker.

A little work in progress shot.  I hand painted it as I wanted a rustic look as well as more control over the finish.  Sometimes I find with a spray can it can be a little uneven with this type of wicker.

After the white I added a hand painted blue stripe… I was going for a rustic French Coastal look!

After:  White, bright with a French Blue Coastal Stripe 🙂



Now to decide where to use him, I think it’s quite a practical and versatile little piece.  My original thought was to put it to organising duty in the pantry.  But I’m also thinking it might be practical to hold Bath roomy things.  What do you think?

Happy White Wicker Dreaming friends,

Jo xx

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Susan’s Makeover and why she’s not Lazy!

Hello there lovelies!

There’s a definite chill in the air as we close in on Winter here in Sydney…  I’m loving our new heater and a glass of wine on this Friday evening (TGIF!).

I have two boys who love drawing, writing and general list making… this all creates one massive mess, refer to Exhibit A below…

Exhibit A ~ Massive mess

They have a dedicated spot in our ‘library’, which sounds rather posh and like we live in a manor house… but really it’s just the dining room we don’t use, and as there’s no TV in there and it’s where they do their homework.. it got dubbed the library when we first moved in and it kind of stuck. 

Anyway the library was messy, disorganised and generally drove me crazy!!

I recently stumbled across a Lazy Susan in an Op shop…

Before her makeover

I already have one, which I use in the pantry so I was already a fan of Susan, and even though I wasn’t sure exactly where I’d use a second one, I decided she’d come home with me anyway.

Here she is when I got her home… crazy fake tan and generally unloved.

As I thought about where I’d best utilise Susan, I began to wonder why / how she got the Lazy tag… who was Susan anyway?  I had to know. 

So it turns out the Lazy Susan was not named after a spectacularly lazy chick at all.  The exact origin is unclear, but one theory is that the name derives from 1700s when servants were referred to as ‘Sussans’.  The round spinning food server as we know it got it’s official name in 1917… so Susie’s almost 100 years old… you go girlfriend!

Organised space = creative boys = happy mummy

I sanded, primed and painted her in two coats of semi gloss white.

Then I sorted out the jumble of pencils, crayons, textas etc etc into some tins and white pots from Ikea.

She works a treat, much better… 


The boys were super excited when they got home from school and without any prompting studied for the entire afternoon! 

The thought crossed my mind to check their temperatures, as I was seriously concerned they might be coming down with something 😉

I reckon every home could use a Susan!
So if you come across one be sure to be nice; she’s friendly, useful and far from lazy!

Have a great weekend lovelies!


Jo xx