3 ways with a Large Glass Jar!

Hi there!

Something happened to me on the way to work the other day, I was early (which is a rarity) so I ventured into Target for an aimless wander.  I always go to the book section first, then check out home wares, which is where I found Him. 
Mr Large Glass Jar.  L-O-V-E.
I absolutely love glass jars for storage; my pantry is full of Ikea glass goodness 🙂 

I was thinking this guy was a bargain at $25 but when I scanned him, he was half price!  At $12.50 I scooped him up faster than you could say “And let the games begin”.  I was off and racing, this guy was sooo coming home with me! 

I had no real plan for him but many ideas floating around my head space. 

Finally we were home alone with a few minutes to play… here’s what Mr Large Glass Jar and I got up to…. 

Yes more shells! you can read about these babies here she-loves-seashells-here-there
One Large Glass Jar 3 Ways ~
1. Mini Terrarium
2. Storage 
3. Display
He’s handsome, handy and super versatile and was totally compliant with his location and prop changes…  Now I’m wishing I gotten his brother too! 😉
How would you use him?
Jo xx