Back up on the Bloggy horse with a little makeover…

Hello Lovely friends!

I’ve missed you!!  I’ve been totally MIA these past few weeks….  we had an amazing 3 week family holiday to the US. Since returning I held my first market stall and have just been crazy busy catching up with life! 

I’ve missed this little blog and reading all of my faves too!  High time I got back up on the Bloggy horse… and what better way than to share a sweet little makeover…  Giddy Up!

So this project has been a work in progress for an embarrassingly long time.  I started it before we went on holidays…  so I’m happy to have finally finished it!

I bought some coffee grain sacks a few months ago, with a few ideas in mind but nothing concrete.  I started by washing them.  Now let me tell you wet hessian sack is not the nicest smell, not quite wet dog, but not exactly pleasant!  Anyway they dried in the sun and smell perfectly fine now 🙂

So they were sitting innocently next to ironing board, which is next to my sewing machine and I was ironing the boys school shirts when I spied them out of the corner of my eye.  They were totally beckoning me. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was cutting and sewing.

I’ve had the vanity stool kicking around for ages, it was my Nan’s, she used to sit on it to do her make up.  I recovered it years ago in a dark denim fabric and it was looking more than a little tired.

So my little vanity stool got a coffee grain sack reupholster job and a new lick of paint.  Here she is after…


I love the green stripe and the stencilled details. 


I only used a small piece of the sack and I have some fun plans for the rest of it!

Do you totally stumble into starting a project? Or do you plan? 

Thanks for popping by,

Jo xx

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Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag!


Is it a bird is it a plane… no it’s a Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag! (huh?)…

It all started with a burlap bag, to which I added a vintage doily I recently picked up at a fab little vintage fabric store.  I wish I could take credit for the crochet but my crochet skills are basic at best.  I imagine this one was made with love by someones Nana 🙂

I decided to snap an Instagram pic of my new tote (I’m a massive fan of bags, totes and baskets of all kinds).  When I looked at the pic of my new tote, propped on a chair it looked like a pretty cute lil cushion (I’m a massive fan of cushions too!). 

It was instant love, but I was torn…  bag verses cushion?? 

Arrghhh I’m not so good in the decisions department.  Then I started to think why can’t I have my cake and eat it too… or as the case may be, have my cushion and tote it too 😉 

I have boys, they have a tonne of boys stuff including Transformers; so it was high time for this mummy have her own Transformer!  and so became…   my Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag!

Handles tucked in = instant cushion

It’s a super simple to make basic tote bag, you could use canvas, calico or any fabric you like… then add a doily or other embellishments and hey presto! Cushion/Bag love.

I’m busy working towards going to market in a few months time, bags and cushions are on my ‘to make list’.
Hope you’re having a Happy Tuesday lovelies!
Jo xx
What do you think, are you a bag or cushion girl?

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Ikea Reject Ottoman Union Jack Slipcover Makeover!

Hi Lovelies,

It’s been too cold to paint lately so I’ve been having fun getting aquainted with my new sewing machine and rediscovering my sewing moJo! 

Well actually it’s not so new, I got it for Christmas and only recently got her out of the box.  Here she is on the right;  Bloggy friends meet Jan..  Jan meet my bloggy friends 🙂   Now that we are all properly aquainted… I’ll move right along.

So I finally carved out a little mummy space in the corner of the playroom; lucky for me it’s quite a large room so plenty of space for me, my sewing projects and approximately 20 thousand pieces of lego!

I’ve had this little rejected Ikea ottoman laying around for-like-ever!

I got him in the bargain area at Ikea, he was naked except for a piece of foam on his top, but we won’t go there… he’s a tad embarassed about that fact 😉

I decided I’d try my hand at sewing him a new slip cover.  Inspired by the Queen’s Jubilee I went for a Union Jack 😉

I had some calico fabric and a roll of burlap/hessian fabric so I got to work cutting strips. 

I cut strips of burlap and some natural coloured linen (which I trimmed from my too long Ikea curtains… mmmm that’s a project for another day!). 

I then placed them over the seat foam until I was happy with the layout. 

Having never sewn with burlap before, or used this machine for that matter, this took a little practice but after a test strip we were off and racing!

Here he is in his new Bespoke threads….

Jan is my new BFF… I love her!  I had fun with this little project… and I think this little guy is a much happier chappy not to mention warmer now 😉 

What have you been working on lately?  Anyone upcycled an Ikea reject? Love to hear about it!

Keep sparkling! 🙂
Jo xx

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