Vintage Ladder Love Affair

Hello lovelies

I have a thing for many things… one of those things is vintage ladders.  I heart them.

I’ve made over a few of them and can’t resist picking them up when I see them.  I was driving by my local Salvos store after my son’s cricket game on the weekend… and I thought I’d pop in for a quick look see.  I ended up walking out with these two beauties…  and a few other goodies!  Gotta heart thrifty shopping!

Here’s the only before shot of my ladder…  in my outdoor studio 😉


I gave him a good scrubbing, and white washing. 

I didn’t want to cover the original stencilling on the sides or the splatters and splobs of paint which he’d gained over the years.  White washing gave me that shabby beachy look whilst still allowing his character to shine through!

 He’s quite a handy fella…. he had me hooked at first sight 🙂 I really love his hooks! 

I added some numbers to the steps, sanded a little and waxed.


My plan was to sell him at my next market stall…  but I’m growing quite fond of him and his hooks 😉

Now just between you and I, he’s not my one and only…  I have another handy fella stashed in our ensuite…. he’s on towel duties.  There’s also one in the corner of our family room, casually taking care of throw rug business.

…..and then there’s the other little one I bought with this one…  thinking she’d be nice to hold scarves in my wardrobe…  mmm thinking I may have a problem ;D

Thanks for stopping in, have a great weekend

Jo xx
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  1. Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups

    Why can I NEVER find an old ladder on the side of the road.I have been peeling my eyes everywhere and no luck. This is just gorgeous and i too would be a little too attached to let it go. I would so love to visit your markets! xx