Why I Happy Danced through this week and some Vintage Treasures!

Hello lovelies,

I seriously have no idea where the last week went…  absolutely flew by!  There are just never enough hours in the day.  Since I last posted lots of stuff has happened… lots! Two crazy exciting things happened…  I won a prize, me, I never win stuff!

Two fabulous and generous women, Renata from Forming Circles and Alison from Mums Who Make ran a competition via Facebook called ‘Pay it Forward’.  In short, they asked for submissions about why, how, what you would do with a market stall.  Anyway out of a total of 140 entries, they picked 12…  Coastal Home Love was one!  I could not believe my eyes when I read the announcement.  I’m so happy and grateful for this amazing opportunity.  The prize was a $500 market package to help set up a stall at a market of my choice!  Lots of work to do now, lots, but lucky for me I love what I do 🙂 

Then if that wasn’t enough; the cherry on top came yesterday… I got home after a long day, to find a story published by ShireWomen on their Facebook and web pages, about Coastal Home Love!  Big huge thank you to Alison and Rebecca for this feature article, you girls rock!

So I have pretty much happy danced through the entire week!

I’m sorry that was all rather wordy, so to balance I have some pretty pictures now of a some wonderful vintage treasures I found this week.  I heart treasure hunting, and got lucky with this haul!

The cream crochet blanket, I love!; it’s the perfect size for draping over knees (Nana style), or hanging over the back of a chair and it’s made of wool, no marks or pulls… Score!

I got two vintage silver trays, the large one has pretty engraving, is really heavy and stamped on it’s bottom! 😉 

I found a cute wicker bread basket, a lovely oval shaped platter and a white ceramic bowl with twin blue stripes. 

I also found a little tree thinga-ma-bob on a stand, I think it’s for jewellery, it’ll get a little spray job and sit on my dressing table.

Now I may or may not have a thing for ice buckets; I mean how many does one need after all?  But I just can’t seem to pass them up….

Two more join my little collection, including a stainless steal one, just a little bit posh, and a lovely little vintage enamel, nautical style one… glee!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Jo xx


  1. VintageNobility

    I love the loot! Especially digging that crochet blanket and your big round silver tray! Virtual high fives for You luvly <3 Treasure hunting is so much fun isn’t it!!